Monday, November 16, 2015

The Star Wars Early Bird

The collectibles market can be finicky.  People will often tell you to buy what you love. This is so you won't be disappointed if the value of your collectible goes down. Most people assume that over time the value of a collectible will always goes up. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The one thing that will usually guarantee rising value is the release of the latest episode of a franchised movie. Star Wars is the prime example.
The Early Bird Certificate Package was the first Kenner Star Wars action figure item. It was also the first major success story in movie toy retailing. No one thought Star Wars would be the major hit. When Kenner signed on to be the toy maker for the film, they had no idea that the movie would be so successful. When they realized there was a huge demand for action figures, they did not want to miss the opportunity to market to children at Christmas time. Because they had no time to create the action figure line before Christmas, they sold an empty box with a display stand featuring all of the characters. The children would fill out the certificate with their name and address, wait months, and then the action figures would be mailed to them. 
This certificate package has long been popular with collectors. Many were damaged or destroyed when they were first opened as it is essentially an empty box and those that remain are very popular. The display headers that sell for the highest prices remain in their envelopes.  In the retail market, these stands vary in price depending on the grade as well as which elements are present.  With the release of the new Star Wars movie, prices for the Early Bird Certificate package continue to rise today.