Friday, February 29, 2008


So you've had your artwork appraised by a qualified appraiser and you've itemized it on your insurance. Great! But what if it is stolen? Could it be replaced by a piece of similar size and quality or would you still be heartbroken? If so, the ART LOSS REGISTER may be for you.

This database is accessed and used by investigators and law enforcement worldwide. According to their website, 300,000 auctions per year are investigated. If you register your art with the ALR there is no charge. That way, if your artwork is stolen and then the thief tries to sell it at auction the ALR will notice and alert you. If your item is recovered you will be charged a recovery fee at that time. It is also important to note that works of high value will likely be investigated through this website by your appraiser.

This crime team is composed of twelve special Agents and three trial attorneys. They investigate stolen art by accessing the National Stolen Art File. The team was formed in 2004 and since that time they have recovered over 850 items worth more than $65 million.

What if something happened to your fine art? What if it burned in a fire, got water logged, or stolen? Have you had your pieces propery documented? An art appraiser can save art owners a lot of heartache by properly identifying and recording the artwork. When something happens to an artwork the insurance company will compensate you. Make sure that before something happens the appraiser does not have to rely on your description of the property. At that time, it may be too late. If you are not in the position to have your property appraised be sure to at least take photos and measurements. It is important to get a close shot of the artist's signature as well. Once you have completed this, take the documentation to a safety deposit box for safe keeping.

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