Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Everyone knows that the big auction houses list their items online. In many cases you can even bid online at the big auction houses. But if you live in Kentucky or Southern Indiana you may wonder where to find the best auctions for art and antiques. Wonder no more. Auction Zip takes the guess work out of finding local auctions. It may be frustrating at first to find out that the auction houses in our area rarely offer items online. After all, we are used to being able to place a bid at will. For convenience sake it is true that local auctions are not as convenient. It is also true that you can get a better deal because of it. Less competition means that you will probably spend less money. And most of the auctions list pictures so you can be sure that it is not a waste of your time.

One upcoming auction that looks promising is the Harritt Group Inc.'s Antiques and Collectibles Auction, Sunday June 29, at 12 Noon located at 119 East Chestnut Street in Corydon, Indiana. Below are a few pictures of items on offer. For more images click here.

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