Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ralph Kovel, a leader in the antiques world died on August 28 after a short illness. Kovel and his wife Terry are known nation-wide as antiques experts and as the duo who produced over 90 books relating to art and antiques, including price guides and reference books. In fact, it was the Kovels who first had the idea to publish a pottery guide which listed pieces by factory markings instead of by country of origin. Long before the Antiques Roadshow, the Kovels were educating the public on art, antiques, and the market. The Kovels had a nationally syndicated newspaper column and produced television shows about antiques on HGTV, the Discovery Channel, and Public Television.
If you are not familiar with the Kovels or their guides you should be. For a small fee, you can subscribe to their website here (which has price guides, articles about antiques, collecting, buying, and selling) or you can purchase one of their many price guides or reference books here.

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