Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Kentucky tends to be a conservative state when it comes to buying art. In my experience appraising art collections, most people who live here prefer realistic images painted with traditional techniques.

Although it could be said that artist Shayne Hull paints in a traditional manner, the portraits he creates are often witty, full of color, and although they are fairly realistic, they tend toward a more folk art tradition.

Hull recieved his B.A. at Corpus Christi State University in Texas in 1985 and he received his M.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. In Louisville, his works can often be found at Swanson Reed Gallery in Louisville.

Mr. Hull takes commissions for both people and pets. He charges $750 for a 16" X 16" portrait or $2,400 for a 36" X 48". You can visit his website here to view more of his pieces.

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