Friday, April 4, 2008


It's Friday which means it is valuation day.
Gerry submitted a great serigraph by Charley Harper (see below)
Above: Charley Harper with one of his works

Charley Harper was born in West Virginia in 1922. During World War II Harper said he learned to sketch quickly. When he returned to the United States Harper first lived in New York and then moved to Cincinnati to attend the Cincinnati Art Academy (he later taught there).
The artist began his career as an advertising illustrator. Capable of creating realistic works he soon began to enjoy painting flat, graphic subjects and he began disliking the business of advertising. He died Sunday, June 10, 2007.
About your piece
Captivated by the way Koalas cling to their mothers, the artist once said, “Koalas "live Down Under, but they spend most of their lives up over”
2007 is said to be the year of Charley Harper. Not only did the Graphic Content at the Contemporary Arts Center create a tribute to Mr. Harper on its web site, his work was exhibited at Harper Studio at the Lloyd Library and the designer Todd Oldham released a book about him entitled, Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. Mr. Harper’s work has also been seen on La-Z-Boy by Todd Oldham as well as appearing on napkins, plates, and other tabletop items by the gift company TAG.
At auction, Mr. Harper’s serigraphs often achieves over $100 and the replacement value can go well over $200. Down Under, Down Under is a highly desirable serigraph and because it is numbered and signed by this now deceased artist it is even more desirable. The value of this piece would range between $120-$250.

Charley Harper, Serigraph entitled “Down Under, Down Under”. Numbered and signed in the lower right corner “CA Harper”, measures 26 ¼” tall X 17 ¼” wide, edition of 2500

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Wow! I like art too. I like drawing pictures of things that I dream about. Friday is my lucky day of the week aswell. Cool blog.