Wednesday, April 16, 2008


original Jane DeDecker (left)
Fake Jane DeDecker (right)

Last week I spent several days inspecting "bronze" statues...and I became suspicious. The bronzes, while expensive, didn't seem to have the finishing touches that were required for a carefully crafted work. Then, I found Bronze Copyright. This is a group of artists who have gotten together to try and protect their work from people who steal their designs and then deceive the public. Often, the works are purported to be "crafted" by artists that don't even exist. The fakes I saw replicated Jane DeDecker's work. Once I saw the real thing I knew that my client's work was fake.

This is a massive problem for both the artists and the buying public. The artist's are losing money, the market is being flooded by fakes, and those that are buying are not investing...they are being ripped off.

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