Tuesday, March 25, 2008


From now on, Friday will be appraisal day so send pictures of your paintings to appraisemyart@hotmail.com and who knows, maybe you will find a fortune in your attic!

I am doing this because I have had many requests from the public to offer this service. Although our local paper runs an appraisal column, it is nationally syndicated and does not focus on the needs of our region.
Please include the following information when sending in an appraisal request:
Your full name, address, email (only your first name will be published)

Clear photograph of the piece (please make sure it is not too big or too small)
Title of piece
Artist (if known)
Medium (oil on canvas, pastel, watercolor, lithograph etc.)
Close up of the signature (if any)
Size of image
Condition (is there a rip, water damage, faded spot, paint flaking etc.)
How much you paid for the piece
How you acquired the piece
I will only pick one piece per week so please be patient if you do not see your artwork right away.

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