Monday, March 24, 2008


The bird who asked me is I was a child

The Armory Show, New York City. A place where hot, living artists and contemporary galleries show artwork to the public. The tenth annual exhibition of the Armory Show runs from March 27-March 30 and costs $30 for general admission or $10 for students. To be considered for this show, galleries must submit an application which is then reviewed by a group of internationally recognized gallerists. This year’s committee hails from Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and London.
But even if you plan on attending (and thousands of people do plan on it) will you be buying? With the unsteady financial markets making investors squirm will the contemporary art market waver as well? According to Art Tactic, “Art Market Confidence Indicator has dropped sharply (by 40%) from the last reading in May 2007. The confidence in the art market suffers on the back of a sharp drop in respondents’ confidence in the Western economies, triggered by the credit crisis in the final quarter of 2007.”
Despite this warning, artists are still painting, drawing, sculpting, and creating works that will be for sale at the Armory Show in a few short days. And if buyers are not buying as quickly or willing to spend as much money as they were last year then bargains will surely be aplenty.
A list of galleries that were accepted into this year’s even can be found here.
The Armory Show 2008 Opening Day takes place Wednesday, March 26th for invited guests.
Opening Hours: Thursday, March 27 - Saturday, March 29 Noon to 8 pmSunday, March 30 Noon to 7 pm
The Show will be at Pier 94, which is located on Manhattan's far West side on the Hudson River. Directions can be found here.

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