Sunday, March 23, 2008


Beginning last year, eggs, nests, and birds, started to show up again in popular culture. From wedding themes to knick knacks for the home these items have helped spur a new area of collecting in art. Popular images include prints like the one on the left from 1890 which is priced for $25 to the oil on canvas on the right which measures 6" X 8" for $100 and was completed by a contemporary artist named Thaw Malin. Either way, you can buy an interesting depiction of a an age-old subject matter for a price that is reasonable and likely to stay in fashion and rise in value as the years pass.

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lovinart said...

It's funny b/c my first real photo purchase was last year at AIPAD and was a b/w photo of an egg by Jefferson Hayman:

Also, I had my eye on a painting of birds on telephone wires at the Affordable Art Fair last year but it was gone when I went back. I take it as the Universe not wanting me to have that one...

Hope you're well and I love the blog!