Sunday, March 2, 2008


You probably know by now that Louisville has a great art scene. Galleries abound in downtown, Crescent Hill, and the Highlands. But did you know that there are also a lot of great art buying opportunities in the surrounding areas?

One of my favorites is the Cincinnati Art Galleries

This auction house is one of the best in the region for high quality art. They specialize in Rookwood Pottery but also sell wonderful paintings, furniture and books.

As an appraiser, one of my jobs is to follow the trends in art. Like other creative forms, art reflects what is going on in society as a whole. Right now there is a pull toward clean lines and bright colors. Cincinnati Art Galleries show "Robert Herrmann - Cincinnati's Precisionist" running from March 8-April 12 is a good example of that trend. Herrmann studied art at the University of Cincinnati (among others). He created images of New York, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C. and his style is defined by the crisp lines and details of his images. This artist never showed his work in his lifetime and probably never sold anything during is life either. After his death in 1996, his pieces were shown in a one man show in Cincinnati. Today, they are being offered again. Although investing in art is tricky, Herrmann's work is still relatively inexpensive. If you like it (see picture above or go to the website) now may be the time to invest.

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