Wednesday, March 5, 2008


On Monday, February 25, 2008, 175 pieces of Pottery including Rookwood, Weller, Roseville, Owens, Van Briggle, Hampshire, Pillin, and Fulper was stolen along with a cargo Trailer from Belhorn Auction Services in Hilliard, Ohio (suburb of Columbus). All of the pieces of this pottery were to go to auction at the American Pottery Association's Annual Convention on April 23-27. Money made from off the commission of the pottery sale was to benefit the American Pottery Association.
Although all of the names of pottery listed above are popular, Rookwood Pottery is especially desirable in our area due to the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati connection. Rookwood can be easily identified as it is usually well-marked. The most famous factory marks on the base include a sun-like symbol which dates the piece. This system began in 1886 with a line (or a ray of the sun) added each year thereafter.
If you have information regarding this theft or if you recognize any of the attached photos please contact the Hilliard (Ohio) Police Department at (614) 876-7321. If you would like to see video of the vehicle, more pictures of stolen pottery, or other information regarding the theft please go to the Belhorn Auction Service website.

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