Monday, March 17, 2008


Louisville's art scene is thriving. There are many galleries throughout the city and new ones emerging all of the time. One of my favorite galleries is B Deemer Gallery located on Frankfort Avenue in Crescent Hill. Brenda Deemer is the owner of B. Deemer. She has been working with fine art since 1972 and established her gallery in 1990. According to their website, approximately 50 living artists are represented by the gallery and half of those live in the Ohio Valley region. One of my favorite things about B. Deemer is Brenda's ability to pick art that connects with her viewers. Tosca on Shelby Street (image shown above) is an oil pastel measuring 26" X 36" and is priced at $3600 by Martin Rollins. A unique, Louisville scene, this painting caters to those of us who drive the streets in this area, who watch the sun rise over downtown as we drive into work, or feel a special connection with the architecture of this city. So much of the time those of us who live in medium or small sized cities don't see our lives and our surrounding represented in art. Throughout the decades our greatest artists have eventually left our cities and moved to New York or California to continue their art education or to make it to the big time. Today, perhaps more than ever before, Kentucky's artists are seeing the importance of their relationship to their city and their state and they are sticking around. With the advent of the internet this does not mean that they won't reach a larger audience. It does mean, however, that although the art is great the prices are not high (something that can rarely be said for art in New York). It also means that Louisville's art buyers are able to purchase a piece of their own history.

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